Què és el treball de síntesi?

El treball de síntesi és un treball interdisciplinari que es realitza de 1r a 3r d'ESO. Consta d’una sortida cultural i un parell de dies per fer diferents tallers que tracten d’un tema en concret.
A 1r d’ESO es treballen continguts del curs de diferents matèries amb un mateix fil conductor, l'aigua.

divendres, 11 d’abril de 2014

Here we are


We are going to present you the different tasks that the students have to do during these days.
-One activity is about designing a cardboard cube in order to learn different water measures. The students have to explain the building process of it using a powerpoint.
-The second activity is related with the subject of Catalan, and the students have to design a typical Catalan rythm project called AUQUES. They have to use their linguistic and artistic creativity to do the project in a big cardboard which will be hold on the school corridors.
-The third project is about the city of Tarragona. The social subject has prepared an activity where the students design a document explaining about the main monuments of the city, its history and the usage of water in the roman time.

All in all, the students of 1st ESO are very busy designing these projects, and if you want to see their work you just have to have a lot at the photo albums on this very same page.

Have fun!!!!


During three days, the students of 1st ESO are working in an interdisciplinary school project called "Els camins de l'aigua". The students have different tasks to do during these three days, and they have to work in groups to complete the activities.
This blog is the main page of this project, and you can find information related with it. If you want to see the photos of the Tarragona trip, the working process in the school, or the amazing projects that the students have created, you cannot miss this fantastic blog!

Have a look at all the student's work and enjoy!!